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Please leave feedback, let ya boy know what you think. DON'T SLEEP.


Episode is back again.
'Bout to pick up the slack again.
Everybody been sleepin' on me.
They ain't never gonna take a nap again.
Back on track, raps on raps.
Yo bitch gon' let me smash from back.
I kick game, you hackysack.
Yo clique gon' give me daps on daps.
Sweet as a box of Applejacks, she said she want dat cinnamon stick.
Got some amps up in my stash, we call this shit that one hit lit.
These boys, they be runnin' they lips, and they ain't never see the hustle.
I'm my own damn Brand, and homie, you will never be the Russell.
Think I rustled feathers, yea, I got 'em riled up.
And ya boy will never stop until them dollas pile up.
Until them models linin' up, fo' a sneak preview of the Episode.
Breakin' every border, give a fuck, I call it Mexico.


Turnt all the way up, like right now.
Everything loud, from the crowd to the smoke clouds.
Who got the highest volume? Go and pull ya stash out.
Bass bumpin' bangers 'til these muhfuckas pass out. 2x

Feelin' fly as fuck, go tell the Wright Brothers I stole they swag.
Rhymers, they some biters, straight denyin' that they stole they swag.
Me, I stay 100, and you boys about half of it.
I am one step up above it, like when jumpin' in a Hummer.
And these honeys, they gon' love it, like we fucked without a rubber.
Got some green and sticky gooey shit, I'm rollin' up that Flubber.
'Bout to be respected as a legend, do it gradually.
Hopin' that a flow so strong gon make my pockets swole; Insanity.
Ay boo, bring a friend or two, I could show you what it do.
And I could show you the highest heights of my life when you fuck with a real dude.
Anybody got a problem, you ain't ever gonna stop 'em.
I don't ever fuck wit drama, any broad, I'll steady drop 'em.
And the beat already knockin', only right to let me rock it.
We Cirocin' and choppin' the rasta, bottles poppin'.

(Repeat Hook.)
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