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ILLA said:

Ur one of the youngest artists on CS.

Boi take ur time, u alrdy got shit with lil b and got on weeknd tumblr, great. But dont make a project. Chill. Just make beats for artists and get them on blogs. Unless u wanna do something like clams casino sure, but no producer now a days makes projects. Depends which approach u wanna take as a producer. But if I was u id take the approach of hit-boi and t-minus. Just make shit for artists, but dont give beats to everyone. If there shit, then charge em. If there good, then make a beat for em. Its easier to get collabs now u can say "yeah iv worked with lil b, that NYU beat was mine and i got  a co-sign from the weeknd" immediately people will be like fuck word? yeah lemme work with u! Honestly. Thats how I did it, im like yeah im Alcohol&Ecstasy, i was the one who made Krystal, got 20k views in 3 months and features on all the blogs so now ppl r like yeah i want beats from u! wud be a dope name! so yeah thats how I did. 
Hmm that's good shit thanks, but yeah I know I still got a lot of years ahead of me to release an entire project now that i'm still pretty small, but I kinda just wanna make this for fun namean. This isn't just gonna be a beat tape it's gonna be like a story with samples and shit, just something so if people hear me from other artists soon they can download my project instead of just random beats from my YouTube/SoundCloud, namean. I'll still be hitting artists up and blogs and getting my name out there during the making of this, I got over 100 beats I could just send out while i'm working on this so it'll be no problem keeping up with this project and my production credits on other tracks. But still thanks for those words of wisdom tbh, I got it figured out for now. Me hopes. Gracias :golfclap:
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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