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Emerald Ruins - Diamond Caves (PROJECT CANCELLED)

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This project is no longer in the works.

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Eh, I wouldnt make a project if I was u.

Ur one of the youngest artists on CS.

Boi take ur time, u alrdy got shit with lil b and got on weeknd tumblr, great. But dont make a project. Chill. Just make beats for artists and get them on blogs. Unless u wanna do something like clams casino sure, but no producer now a days makes projects. Depends which approach u wanna take as a producer. But if I was u id take the approach of hit-boi and t-minus. Just make shit for artists, but dont give beats to everyone. If there shit, then charge em. If there good, then make a beat for em. Its easier to get collabs now u can say "yeah iv worked with lil b, that NYU beat was mine and i got  a co-sign from the weeknd" immediately people will be like fuck word? yeah lemme work with u! Honestly. Thats how I did it, im like yeah im Alcohol&Ecstasy, i was the one who made Krystal, got 20k views in 3 months and features on all the blogs so now ppl r like yeah i want beats from u! wud be a dope name! so yeah thats how I did. 
EmeraldRuins said:
^ ^ ^ i wrote it above
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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