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Elzhi's verses on Motown 25 are obligatory for any beginner rapper

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I end careers, years, pierce ears fierce with spears
They say I’m gifted, get lifted like the beers in cheers
Catch a thunder bolt, pockets stay lump from hundred notes
Stunnin quotes make you run ya coat while the sun’s afloat
Prehaps, my skill is real as G Rap’s
It feel as ill as concealin drills in the knee caps
Your funny style get three snaps in the circle
When off the purple and greens,
I’m higher than the jeans on Erkel, then I murk you
Bust techs, the lead sparkin now who be my next head target
I lift up, roll out, like the red carpet
Say my name three times in the mirror
And if I hear ya, I’ll appear clearer,
Extend both arms and pull you nearer
Pound for pound I’m, pretty live on the mic
And keep it flooded like Mike, on Motown 25
Put your soul on ice and sold it for a whole known price
I’m nice, keep a knot swole on dice
Grin is sarcastic, the way my pen’ll spark acid on the bar
Whether in the crib or the car, blasted
Son is a, prob rob funds from ya publishin
While his dogs put his guns to ya like the Punisher
Or the Terminator, flow is harder than a German major midtermin paper
The kid burns the saber, strikin cats
How you want it? Gats, spike or bats
I know you likin that, stay sharper than Viking hats
Exhale, blowed mist, served you with a cold dish
****** vomitin, bowels moving, they can’t hold piss
El and Royce, double team, hotter than a cup of steam
Tub ya spleen and bury you, just as deep as a submarine
Flawless, should be that very reason you applaud us
You saw us layin down a law just as raw as a crawfish
You met your death and although, I took away your breath and I ran
I still left wit a Grand like Theft Auto

Talk about using syllables...
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I didn't know they had music in Brazil tbh :dno:
Incase you want his explanation:

:work: yup. They just released pepsi here too :clap:
Nick said:
I didn't know they had music in Brazil tbh :dno:
Black Milk de-stroy-ed that beat.. Playing this in a good stereo or in the ride >>>>>>>>
What is this from? mixtape?
the preface
kanyeezy7 said:
What is this from? mixtape?
Great, great album!
kollage... said:
the preface
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