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Too True:

01 Cult of Love
02 Evil Blooms
03 Rimbaud Eyes
04 Are You Okay
05 Too True to Be Good
06 In the Wake of You
07 Lost Boys and Girls Club
08 Little Minx
09 Under These Hands
10 Trouble Is My Name

End Of Daze

Lord Knows


Album Name: Only in Dreams
Release Date: September 27th

01 Always Looking
02 Bedroom Eyes
03 Just a Creep
04 In My Head
05 Heartbeat
06 Caught in One
07 Coming Down
08 Wasted Away
09 Teardrops on My Pillow
10 Hold Your Hand

Coming Down


Bedroom Eyes



their new album is coming out soon, Only in Dreams, out September 27​

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Martha Masters said:

has been my jam for a month. what a catchy song
I think I've said it several times, but I REALLY FUCKING LOVE THAT SONG
Yes. The song is incredibly catchy. Once you start playing it, you can't stop.

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I'm going to listen to this now. I liked the sound of 'I Will Be', but I wasn't crazy about it, which was a shame, because I wanted to like that album so much. Hope this is better.
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