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I just saw this video and thought I should post it. I posted this in the Life section because this is life. Things like this happen, every day and every minute. This is something that should be taken very serious. The reason I'm posting this is for awareness. Fact is people don't care, but they should. When I graduated High School in June, two days before graduation day, two students in my class were killed by a drunk driver. All they were doing was driving home after having a celebration day of leaving High School. And 1 of those kids that died, was his birthday. So he was about to graduate and turn 18. You can drink and have fun and party. But being responsible is more important than you think.

Other countries including the U.S. will not show this ad on commercials or anything because it is too graphic. This SHOULD be shown because this really happens. That is what it looks like.

And some of you who clicked on this thread may be like "oh this is 5 minutes long I don't feel like watching it," but please stop being ignorant for once and just watch it.

So please post this on your facebook or something. I guarantee you out of the hundreds of friends you may have on your friends list, at least one person will think it's cool to drink and drive. And if he sees that you posted this video on Facebook, he may just watch it and possibly save his life and others in the future. Again this is something that should be taken seriously.
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