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Drake went to the UK recently to record with Raye?

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Talking about sending music to Drake:


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I feel like he gonna collab with her at some point soon tbh :khaled:
She is poppin big time in the UK & I think a Drake collab might be coming soon :khaled:
He collabed with Jorja on More Life so I think another collab with another UK Female is on the way and RAYE is amazing

What yous think? :khaled:

Also says Raye & Drake are dating :khaled:
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C. Papi said:
You think RAYE x Drake collab coming soon?
freeeee said:
I posted the wrong link... this is about the collab. He was setting up his London section long time ago.

So thats why he came London then :oh2:
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Vietbrah🙏 said:
So that’s why he was in UK?
Looks like it. Obv probably got in the studio with other artists in UK too
DrakesHeart said:
Drake NEVERRRRR dated Cokehead Bella Hadid! EVERRRRRR!!!!!!

Drake and Bella Hadid are not "secretly dating," nor did he pay for her recent birthday party. Gossip Cop can bust this inaccurate report from one of the week's tabloids. We're told it's all untrue.
:oh2: :oh2: :oh2:
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larry fox said:
Also, title is inaccurate
How so
freeeee said:
he being watching all the new gen uk female singers. they're more trendy and creative than us singers. not sure he would end up collab with who tho.
IRON said:
Drake ft. Big Shaq on the way
wonder if this joint will be on Scorpion or nah :khaled:
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