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Drake - Waiting Up (snippet) [Riz and his belly button take an L]

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Drake only version


Song leaked


Riz allegedly is using this song w/o Drake's permission, probably not getting released, releases a diss record:


Riz - Waiting Up (Ft. Drake) Produced by 40

1:40 and 3:25 mark to hear the song in the background.
He discusses the song at 2:00
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Did i hear Drake singing in the background? thats going to be another hit.
Here's Riz twitter https://twitter.com/#!/RIZSELFMADE. his background has that Waiting Up Ft. Drake.
ezcombat said:
why is riz belly button so big doe?
Looks like a damn boulder got stuck in there.
2 Hunnid said:
so basically

riz said he has a track with drake
drake is like wtf, he didn't confirm that shit with me
riz sees the text
i guess the track got removed from the tape/album?
riz makes diss track towards drake
Wow if i was Riz i would of just released that damn song and gave us a gift.
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2 Hunnid said:
lol the song isn't even on the tracklist anymore...hopefully they talk it over and riz releases the song lol
What i dont get is that he still has that song title and shit on his background.
Oh shit Drake's Lawyer is trying to catch a body too LMFAO. https://twitter.com/#!/RIZSELFMADE/status/192604945005019138
2 Hunnid said:
so do you guys think drake is being kind of a diva right now or................what's your take on this lol?
I have a feeling that Drake doesnt want to be featured with someone people dont really know or he has plans for that record with someone else.
Riz is saying that Drake doesnt want HIS FANS to hear about Riz or some shit.

Belly Button looks like something from the Himilayas
2 Hunnid said:
i hope they get it sorted out and the song comes out lol
I doubt it. Riz already went at Drake like a thousand times.
Leighton said:
i tweeted Riz, told him his diss song was hot garbage
You should tweet him to release that song.
Drake has plans to put someone else on this record tbh.
That girl Blush Writes can sing good on that diss track though.
Leighton said:
She needs to ditch the lame Riz and come to Drizzy's world tbh
True that!
604 said:
Jesus christ i cant stop staring at this guys belly button :ohno:
Imagine Riz in a 3D movie though. belly button would be all in your face.
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