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Drake - Waiting Up (snippet) [Riz and his belly button take an L]

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Drake only version


Song leaked


Riz allegedly is using this song w/o Drake's permission, probably not getting released, releases a diss record:


Riz - Waiting Up (Ft. Drake) Produced by 40

1:40 and 3:25 mark to hear the song in the background.
He discusses the song at 2:00
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Sounds like a Thank Me Later throwaway. I wonder what he had to pay
Joshua said:
is this dude popular at all/is this an album not a mixtape right?

so it will leak a little early at least.
I've never heard of him.. Heres something from his youtube

He says it a "free album" being released on Datpiff.com, I think chances of a leak are slim.
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Yamagucci said:
Probably some stolen verse like that olivia joint way back when
Word On Road posted the video, Drakes Official fansite. I think this guy just put up enough money for young drizz.
2 Hunnid said:
interesting, but look at his bellybutton :vom:
*dead* hahahahaha
I love how the albums called Self Made.. could he not be any more original.
Kai said:
Damn i thought the song leaked when i saw this at first.
I wish! I just uploaded it to soundcloud incase the youtube video gets taken down.
JRAKE said:
you shoulda added the rest from the video even though it has riz's verse on it
Mooza said:
Where you get that blackberry pic?
I got Drake on bbm :oblivious:

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KANyeezy17 said:
whoa what the shit is happening between riz and drake? is riz beefing after he released a song with drake?
Apparently Riz payed Drakes management 40K for the song and he got it. Then Drake saw the interview and had no clue about Riz having it, so Drake removed the interview and took it down and sent his lawyers to take care of it so Riz leaked the song and made a diss track.
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Songs on repeat the last couple days :slick:
Weezy F Krazy said:
Sorry for the bump but can someone explain to me the story with this song?
Riz got ahold of leak. Apparently he paid for it

did his verse

released it

we then removed Riz from track.

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1 - 16 of 342 Posts
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