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During the short break in the Ottawa Bluesfest schedule, rumours have been heating up that Drake could team up with Future when he plays in the nation's capital later this week. (July 16th on the City Stage @ 5PM.)

Drake and Future's "Summer Sixteen" tour does not officially kick off until July 20th in Austin, TX. In the meantime, LeBreton Flats could be the perfect venue for the two hip-hop superstars to test out their live routine before they tour around North America.

Schedule wise, a surprise performance could be feasible as Drake has no other shows lined up before July 20th.

However, it has been confirmed that Drake will already be in Texas on July 13th. The reason? Shooting a music video for his new single, Child's Play, at VLive night club.

This is where things get interesting…

Shortly after the Bluesfest lineup came out this year, I heard from a third party source (who is involved in constructing the schedule), that booking Drake was a real possibility after his album, VIEWS, was released.

Perhaps Drake did not want to sign up for a headlining gig at a festival with a big tour ahead of him, but instead settled to perform a few songs with Future while he is here? At least that is what I am going to convince myself into thinking!


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