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T-Rexxx got a lot out of him, tbh....I really didn't get the impression that he didn't like him. They seemed all right...

Here's what I took away (for those who cannot watch it):

1). He was being told that Wayne wasn't going to be able to make it due to getting through Customs.聽 It wasn't until 10 minutes until he arrived on stage did they find out he was, in fact, there.聽 Drake basically made some calls and Wayne was able to stay for only 3 hours....that's why he couldn't go to the after-parties.

2).聽 He began planning OVO Fest 2012 on Saturday, the day before OVO Fest 2011.聽 He's obviously in it to win it.

3). He would love to get Prince to perform as T-Rexxx (and myself) suggested.聽 Depeche Mode?聽 Not so much for this event.

4). The only reason he dropped "Headlines" on Saturday is because he wanted to keep to his word that the single would drop in July!聽 It was late but at least he tried to keep his word to some degree.聽

5) "Headlines" was chosen because it just fit the moment--he said there are other tracks that are much stronger and would sail up the charts.聽 He said it addresses his fans, his haters, and just everyone.... He also said he hoped with the OVO Fest and other things, he'd be creating some headlines.聽 Doesn't seem to have anything to do with the actual content of the song.

6) "Take Care" as a title refers to many things.聽 Apparently it's said sarcastically sometimes like "Oh, you had a hit song so you thought this was your year? Take care..."聽 It also refers to him taking special care with this project.聽 And it's a term that is heard a lot in daily conversation.....it just "stuck".
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