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tbh, i didnt know if this should go in music showcase or not, but since this is advice, i figure id ask here n move it if necessary

so recently ive been to a couple studios recording, 1 of my friends is studying to be an audio engineer so we use the school's booth, but anyway, he ended up telling me about what makes the sound quality so good, n a lot of it was small things, most of it has to do with the programs used to master, n not the actual equipment, but to get a clean sound, the booth has to be sound proof, and the foam used in the studios cost a ton of money

i was asking him this cuz ive recently gotten a good mastering program, but ill still need to build a booth, only problem is, ill probably be moving to chicago sometime next year, so i dont want to a build a booth where im living now, since it will only be temporary

so i remember hearing something once about recording with a blanket over the singer and the mic, n that helps stop the outside noice, but i was wondering if that actually works, or is that wrong?
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