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AKIL said:
Yea man I feel you on that. I don't really want Fergie on there myself but what Ye prolly did is some better mixing of the vocals, maybe took her part out or cut it down, maybe added some vocals from another artists

IDK if u remember what TPain said about the creation of Good Life,but basically he recorded many different versions of the chorus, then when he heard the final mix of it Ye took the best parts of each version and made it the chorus that we all know.

So what im thinking is the core of what everyone heard on the leak (I still haven't listened to a leak yet) will still be there but from what he said on the ustream he may have switched and rearranged some parts of the vocals.

Sorry IDK if any of that helped but thats my take on it.
Not what happened. The bridge at the end, "better than the life I lived when I thought I was gonna go crazyyyyy" was originally the chorus. Kanye turned that into the bridge and used another part as the chorus. The INTRO on the video version was another possible version of it.

But, he did not chop up different things to make the best chorus.
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