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Does Kanye know about the version of AOTL that just leaked?

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He says how all album tracks are way different than the leaks, but does he know about the version of AOTL that just leaked yesterday or whatever?
It's not that I don't believe him, it's just that I really really hate Fergie's part on the new version. Does anyone know if when Ye says the album version is different he means like different in the sense that all the same verses are there, all the same parts, all the same people singing the same thing but better quality and a better mix of it? Or does he mean like some parts have been taken out, switched around, added, etc.? Mainly I'm just praying to the lord that Fergie sounding like a dying baby seal on her entire verse is taken out on the final so a beast ass perfectly good track isn't majorly devalued and so I can listen to this song (which may be my fav Kanye beat) without having to skip a section of it every time. If anyone can enlighten me on how exactly "different" the final will be and mainly specify whether Fergie still ruins it or not, I'd appreciate it. No flames please.
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ok cool. i guess most of us will just have to wait and see. 2 weeks seems sooo long
i love the song besides fergie for the aforementioned reasons. but if she's still on it i'll get used to it after a few listens
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