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Does it annoy you when...

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...people call conscious hip-hip the only "real" hip-hop? It pisses me off, tbh
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Greenstrings said:
Why not wait until somebody actually says it before making a thread.
A lot of people DO say this tho. :notsureif:
this is real rap not tthat shit people call rap like m&m those guys r just a bunch of wannabes
azariahiscool 3 days ago

Now this is real rap, unlike the shit rap nowdays
TheATandRM 3 days ago 76 

Fuck lil wayxe diss is real rapp old skool g fuxk:.
mrlilshadow187 1 week ago
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yeah, it's called real rap and you don't hear it on mainstream radio
zolarguide in reply to luka08000rc (Show the comment) 3 days ago

Now this is real rap,you dont see tracks like this today...
mojololo11 4 days ago

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