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Fool in the other thread tryna tell me I'm retarded for thinking this

- Desiigner has a more appealing (opinion) and relevant (fact) sound than Bobby did
-Desiigner blew up purely from the music. The clowning on his image and crazy antics came afterward. Bobby partially owes credit to vine for blowing his shit up
-Obviously Desiigner had a much bigger hit than Bobby
- Timmy Turner>>Bobby bitch
- Desiigner is being talked about on social media more than Bobby was. And tbh u don't even see people comparing him to future any more people have moved on. They are laughing at him for being crazy but that's not necessarily a bad thing

Y'all need to quit thinking that anyone showing love to Desiigner is being ironic and trolling. If I wanted to ironically pretend to like someone I'd do it with fuckin Gucci mane or somethin
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