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for the second verse of this?

i completely forgot that he did a different second verse, i haven't watched this since that Saturday, lol.

The brown hero live from ground zero
Machine gun flow, made of ghetto Ross Perot
And this is disestablishmentarianism
With my night goggles on, yeah, military vision
And it’s still a very Christian way to think about living
When you praying for freedom cuz your mind been in prison
cause they tryin to control every single big decision
You ain’t effin’ the system then why the eff is you living?
Look dog, you can cop whatever suits you on
Three piece, cuff links and the accoutrements
They been feeding us ishh without the nutrients
So I’m back with another hit to let the truth be known
And your boy still fresh with the Gucci on
Them Italians sure know how to make what the moulies want
And they really can’t take what dude be on
But I be on the same thing til you prove me wrong

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