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This thread is for people who's favourite artist is Kanye West.Ok I'm a Kanye West stan and unashamedly so, he's the best artist of our generation.Kanye has put out 5 brilliant albums and three of those were classics.He is currently the best music artist in the world in my opinion.As everybody knows Kanye and Jay-Z are going on a huge North American tour in the next few months called the Watch the Throne tour. Watch the Throne is not a good album,compared to his other masterpieces it's pretty dreadful.Kanye West is going on the biggest tour of his career performing songs from the worst album of his career. It won't be a good thing for Kanye West,performing songs like Who Gon Stop Me and Welcome to the Jungle to hundreds of thousands of people with Jay-Z rapping with Kanye on Kanye's lines for some stupid reason, when he has timeless songs such as Jesus Walks,All Falls Down,Gone,Dark Fantasy, Power and Runaway which he won't be performing.Don't forget that each show will end with the last song on WTT,Why I Love You So which is three minutes of Jay rapping.Kanye doesn't even have a verse.

It's a horrible situation.It will not further his career that's for sure.He's 34,he doesn't have that many years left at the top.I'd prefer if he went on a My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy tour or a greatest hits tour and worked on his next solo album.That's just my personal opinion but I know people agree with me. I want to ask all Kanye West fans/stans on here, would you rather he cancelled the tour and did something that will make him a bigger and better artist or are you looking forward to the Watch the Throne tour and intend to enjoy it?

Don't comment in this thread if Kanye West isn't you're favourite artist.

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i would consider myself as a lil stan too but i really had to laugh at the first 3 lines :D

so about the wtt tour: i doubt they will only perform songs from WTT since the album not really that long.
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