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Mixing meth and whisky

And if the feds pinch me they'd put me up in supermax next to Ted Kaczynski

Givin better head than Monica Lewinsky

My shit's wack, thats why I keep the comments turned off

Popping x like tic tacs while I vomit Smirnoff

I'm out this world like i live in outer space

So while you pout your face

Just know I'm sicker than prison shower rapes

You hate me? Prolly sour grapes

Put me next to Eminem and we'll see who's irrelevant

Best rapper without melanin, just addressin the elephant

Like why's there a pride parade?

And why can't I get signed when I can spit fire any time of day?

Imma blow like a live grenade

When I freestyle yall call the fire brigade

Fuck it, I'm puttin this shit on the Pirate Bay
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