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Do you guys rip your CD's with VBR?

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Just curious.  I asked this on KanyeLive but didn't get too many responses.  I have some pretty decent headphones so I just want to know which (VBR or no VBR) will give me the best quality.
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Thanks for the response.  I remember reading somewhere that VBR can actually make more complex parts of the song exceed the bitrate you encoded it with?  Ex: You encode a song at 320 VBR, during more complex parts it will actually exceed 320?  Is that true?
Doom said:
Variable Bit Rates?

Fuck no, never use that bullshit. Constant bit rates are all anybody should ever seriously be using with any audio/video streams with today's massive HDD capacity. If you were real tight on space it'd be understandable, but you can pick up 1TB externals for like 80$ now...
So are you saying if you have an older PC you'd be better off just ripping it at 320 constant bit rate?
Doom said:
I think that only happens if the program you're using screws up at some point and tries to make up for it later. Like it encodes something important at a lower bit rate it meant to, so it'll encode the next part at something higher than it meant to. It happens a lot in Sony Vegas with Video streams, not too sure how it works out with audio streams though.

I wouldn't be surprised if it happened a lot with a bad pc or program.
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