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Do we all agree Otis is a bootleg version of Nas- bridging the gap

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Just not on the level of the great one Nas

Nas pays homage to such a classic and bridges the gap and his lyrical content explores it on such track while Jay and Ye talk about $ on a Otis track and don't pay respect
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haterlikestar said:
You jock my style
Nawh, I ain't never been on Nas' dick son :work:
haterlikestar said:
So what your sayin is you been on other guys dicks tho ?
Nope I stated I wasn't on Nas' like you seem to be :work:
haterlikestar said:
What's up with sonic the hedge hog on your avy . You 14?
Try again :work:
Love when someone brings out my location as an excuse :work:
1 - 5 of 72 Posts
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