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Do we all agree Otis is a bootleg version of Nas- bridging the gap

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Just not on the level of the great one Nas

Nas pays homage to such a classic and bridges the gap and his lyrical content explores it on such track while Jay and Ye talk about $ on a Otis track and don't pay respect
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You make it seem like Nas has the Midas touch
even you dont feel that way
Escobar said:
Oh ok I was unaware you had to have deep introspective lyrics throughout the song just because you use a soul sample. I guess I'm an idiot :facepalm2:
haterlikestar said:
So you shouldn't pay respect ? To a classic artist such as Otis
nah not really but youre cool
sarcasm :hah:
Aaronious said:
Nah he ain't :work:
Ok Stuart Scott
haterlikestar said:
Not as cool as you rg . You're like the other side of the pillow
Then tell us about the clip :sarc2:
haterlikestar said:
He sent me a sound clip off another track on phone  And Fucking with me
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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