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Do we all agree Otis is a bootleg version of Nas- bridging the gap

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Just not on the level of the great one Nas

Nas pays homage to such a classic and bridges the gap and his lyrical content explores it on such track while Jay and Ye talk about $ on a Otis track and don't pay respect
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Nah Nas has made some major mistakes in his career his Untitled album was s
Trash but I'm just saying bridging the gap was soul and Nas does right on track
Just want to know if there is any meaning behind Otis like these lines

Keep integrity at every cost, and his home was Natchez Mississippi
Did it like Miles and Dizzy, now we gettin' busy
Bridging The Gap from the blues, to jazz, to rap
The history of music on this track
Born in the game, discovered my father's music
Like Prince searchin' through boxes of Purple Rain
But my Minneapolis was The Bridge, home of the Superkids
rg19 said:
Oh ok I was unaware you had to have deep introspective lyrics throughout the song just because you use a soul sample. I guess I'm an idiot :facepalm2:
So you shouldn't pay respect ? To a classic artist such as Otis
So we agree Rg19

Way to go bud
Jose345 said:
Lock this thread
Jose was right about flex or what ?
rg19 said:
nah not really but youre cool

Not as cool as you rg . You're like the other side of the pillow
Aaronious said:
Nah he ain't :work:
You jock my style
Aaronious said:
Nawh, I ain't never been on Nas' dick son :work:
So what your sayin is you been on other guys dicks tho ?
Aaronious said:
Nope I stated I wasn't on Nas' like you seem to be :work:

What's up with sonic the hedge hog on your avy . You 14?
You're from Canada so not even going to bother
Jose345 said:
yo you said flex got WTT and ya gonna get it by friday?
Didn't I tell you he be dropping something special ?
Jose345 said:
yes but im asking did you say that flex has the whole thing of WTT? And ARE YOU COMFRIMED OF GETTING WTT TOMMORW?
I'm confirmed at 5pm I'm picking up a disk  and it's WTT

Going to treat friend to dinner with his wife and grab drinks come home and do what I got to do
Jose345 said:
:wom: :wom: How you know its WTT and WHY ARE YOU THE ONLY ONE GETTING IT,And i heard WTT aint been submitted yet but if you do tell me how it is
He sent me a sound clip off another track on phone  And Fucking with me
Flex has whole album gave it to my hookup

No trolling just truth

Dinner on me Tom
StadiumStatus said:
Damm no respect I tell dudes here flex is dropping something tues or weds from WTT before anyone else and still no respect
Jose345 said:
take a picture of the album then when you get it
Don't think it's pressed dude . Think it's bootleg
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