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Discussion thread on the "street single"

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What's the point of a street single?
Do they accomplish their aim?

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street single is like the song before the pop song,get it ?

not exactly aimed for the thugs in the streets nshit
that is real talk,game tried to cover up the flop by saying it was a street single lol

but just to sum it all up a street single is basically a song to get the people buzzin,then when the people is buzzin they drop the big pop record for the radio n charts
Dame Dash said:
Tbh those were legit singles they just called them street singles after they flopped

You got a Neptunes beat and a Justin Timberlake feature for a street record?
oh ok
the song was garbage man,the hook was meh n P gave game a fucking nintendo beat

so far ALL of game's single have flopped tho
king. said:
i dont get how u can have justin timberlake on the song and still flop regardless

true shit

i guess they use it to feed the fan too
Dame Dash said:
but your pop record can get the buzz too... and be big on the radio and charts
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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