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Diggy Semen's top 3 albums of all time (a real cool list no haters or dust butts please)

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2. Take Kare

Wow what can I say this is an instant classic it really defeines out generation

3. Tyger - Karless World

Banger after bnager, this si some some Pac hsit west coast classic

1. Diggy Simmons - Airborn

WOw this is a great album

barely missed the list:

Liturgy - Aesthetica
Cannonball Adderley – Mercy Mercy Mercy: Live at the Club
Aphex Twin - Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Blut aus Nord - 777: The Desanctification
Rasputina - Oh Perilous World
Lil Wayne - Dedication 4
Antony and the Johnsons – The Crying Light
Sunn O))) – Monoliths & Dimensions
Justin Bieber - 21
Crazy Rhythms - The Feelies
Bee Thousand - Guided by Voices
Cuba - The Silos
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"can I has scans" was funnier than actual list tbh.
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