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I made this cause people seem to like each version for different reasons..  :huh:

Its the Extended Intro & Kanye's verse from the dirty version and everyone else's verses from the Clean (From last week)
Thats Drake, TI, Rick Ross, Fab, Andre 3000

No Extended Intro, Drake & Kanye Dirty Verses, Everyone else clean

& By Popular Demand:
iamhungry said:
No Intro, Drake Dirty, TI Clean, Chorus, Kanye Dirty, Fab Clean, Chorus, Andre 3000 Dirty, Outro/Chorus

ChristianDiorDenim said:
yeaaa man, the drake intro is the better of the two. but say, anyone no if the FULL dirty version of the song dropped? I can't stand clean verses on anything
Only drake ye and 3k verses are dirty. IDK Y
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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