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Deluxe Edition Artwork

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I just saw this and was gonna post this
The_Reaction said:
tracklist *****

Has his facebook officially revealed the boxart yet? It leaked a lot and was confirmed on DNC but I'm not sure if they released it on his official pages. If not it could be the tracklist (fingers crossed).
Deluxe artwork was better last time, should be dope.
  dp16  Dejan Pralica
Deluxe edition art for MOTM II coming in 15 min.
RICE said:
DELUXE ART (DP twitter!)
:work: please be on time though
Damnit, when I saw this I was hoping for Tracklist
The background is different.....

It's gon take ppl forever to notice lol
Not as different as I expected.
tbh i expected sth different...the difference between deluxe and the normal one are just the stars in the picture/window/whatever ?
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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