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DCAPP's Top 10 Favorite Albums of All Time! (THE TIME IS NOW!) 10-4 up!!!! Check OP!!!

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First and foremost, I wanna give a shout-out to the entire Swoop-Crew and Ballin Movement

second, I'd like to thank everyone that helped me on the project, especially Joel Stein, James Franco, and Niall O'Brien.

Thank you Frankie Muniz for the inspiration.

and thank you Jesus, I know your rebirth day is in like a few, so I'll make sure to pour some out for you homie!


10. Skrillex - Bangarang

Now let me clear this up, I don't actually like any of Skrill's albums...Don't get me wrong, when I'm rollin around in my Tahoe about 8 deep with hoes and bros, nothin gets my head bangin/bishes titties knockin like some Skrillex. But the reason I put this here is because I just fuck with Skrill-money's live gig. I've seen him about 8 times in the past two years (every time I've been more fucked up than Palmer Fest '09). There's just something truly beautiful about being in a crowd of 50k yoked homies and sexy ladies and just dancin my self clean to some of the deepest wobbles in the game. You haven't lived life until you've just stopped at the peak of a fantastic roll (just at the top of a huge buildup), and just looked around to see you're surrounded by ten of your closest bros, with a hot high school/freshman chick backin her ass up on your D....and then Skrill hits you with one of his drops and you just fuckin party rock. Like my nips are hard just thinkin about it.

9. Usher - Confessions

So, the reason I included this on my list is because I lost my virginity to it...twice. (story time)...so basically the first time was under normal circumstances and just on some normal bro shit, but the second time was to some bish I was kinda datin at the time (she had a nice ass, and tooth to gum ratio, so you know thats basically wifey material). Well the hoe told me that she was savin her v-card til marriage, and I lied and said I was too, but I really wanted to tap it. So I said I'd marry her after college, and that way I could get my D wet then since we were basically locked down. She was all down for it (plus a lil drunk, namsayin?), so I threw on some Ursher, and I laid it on her like a pro (and you can bet I was hittin nice and slow from behind when Burn dropped)...the next day I took her to Bob Evans, got her a Rise n shine, and dumped her. I guess thats when I realized I was a real bro, oh well. YOLO.

8. Radiohead - In Rainbows

So I don't normally fuck with non-hip-hop/r&B unless its trill shit like a couple MGMT songs or Sublime, but once Kanye posted on his blog about this group, I decided to check their shit out. Now, I don't like any of their other albums, cause shit just sounds gay as fuck. Like the whiney bish that squels over their tracks gets annoying as fuck. Shit is like screamo for hipsters, but I fuck with In Rainbows. Now, lets get this straight, I really only listen to this shit when I'm falling asleep, because it helps a lot, but you'll never catch me bumpin this at any other time. I mean, if you wanna dry a bish up real fast, start playin this before you're about tap it. Shit will end up like a saltine cracker. But like I said, Ye fucks with them, so they must be good, and I know a lot of ******* on here seem to like them, so this one is on here for the people, and my insomnia.

7. Damian Marley & Nas - Distant Relatives

I guess this was the soundtrack to the scrapped Belly sequel, but whatever, it turned out pretty awesome in my opinion. Normally I don't fuck with Nas because he's one of those rappers that tries way too hard to be deep, raps over shitty beats, and got beat by a fucking camel, but he brang it on this album. Maybe he just sounds better over Damian's beats, but whatever the case is, I fucks with it. Sometimes I like to listen to music that challenges the listener, and this is deep sometimes. I mean read this shit:

Who wrote the Bible? Who wrote the Qur'an?
And was it a lightning storm
That gave birth to the earth
And then dinosaurs were born? damn
Who made up words? who made up numbers?
And what kind of spell is mankind under?
Everything on the planet we preserve and can it
Microwaved it and try it
No matter what we'll survive it
What's hu? what's man? what's human?

I mean who else is laying shit like that on record? And don't even get me started on how Weezy totally kills his feature. So yeah, I fucks wit it.

6. I don't have a 6th favorite album, sorry.

5. Tyga - Bitch I'm the Shit

Now I'll be the first one to admit that Tyga's debut was wack. It was straight booty, Rack City was raw, but we'd had that on repeat for months already. I don't really know how to feel about Tyga's present state in the hip-hop world. That shit he pulled at his concert was wack, and not representative of the Tyga I used to know...My freshman year, before I was even a pledge at Fiji, I was still shoppin around at other frats lookin to see who really raged the hardest. I wanna say it was a Thursday when AEPi (the jew frat) decided to throw a huge pong tournament. Now me and my roommate (not really a bro anymore, dude always charged me and my other bros when he bought us beer since he was the only 21 year old at the time) decided to enter it since we were both pretty great at pong. The first few matches were a breeze, we were nailin everything, got "tits" on some cute SigAEPi sisters, when got "butthole" the next match, and won the next round the old fashioned way....which brought us to the semi's. We were up against some juniors who had gotten 2 "ring of deaths" and a death cup to get there, these dudes were basically pro. Well, it was a battle, after about 15 minutes of holding them off it seemed like it was all over for us. We had re-racked to get a 2-2 offset with the front cup to our right, and they were on the final two cups. Well the first bro shot and made his, I was sweatin bullets...but my roommate was able to finger the other bros shot out before it touched water, saving us for at least another chance. Just as my roommate was about to shoot, the crowd quieted down, we stopped and looked out over the lawn (we were playing on the porch) and we spotted the crowd parting for a bunch of big body guards...then up the front steps comes walking T-Raw himself. Everyone was in shock. He looked came over to our table, inspected it, then turned to the ref and spoke two words....Celeb shot. I looked to my roommate, he looked back at me, then handed his ball over to Tyga. Tyga just turned to me and nodded. I took my shot, and as my ball was in the air, Tyga went for the bounce. He got it over one bros swiping hand and into the back left cup, just as mine was landing in the back right. 3 cups down, and a bring back (which would lead to my teams victory). Tyga held his shooting pose afterward for a full 3 minutes...nobody else moved either. Then he turned to some chick on his right, brushed his hand against her cheek, and left the party....Now thats really raw.

4. Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon

Most people listen to Cudi because they like to smoke weed...well I do too, but thats not the real reason he's made it to my list. Simply put, Cudi's music has changed my life. He just speaks to me on a different level sometimes. Like Nas Goes To Africa is deep, but MOTM is way deeper. I don't even know what Cudi is saying sometimes, because he's just on such a different level. I wake up every morning to Up Up & Away, I spin Make Her Say every thursday when I'm djing ladies night at the house, and Enter Galactic pretty much perfectly describes my first true love. Cudi is the only "conscious" "backpack" rap that I listen to, tbh. He just really speaks to me. I don't like his new rock shit, or his stupid tattoos, but I honestly think Cudi changed the game with this one. Not to mention we can thank him for 808's being the masterpiece that it is today, and Chip tha Ripper being one of the most exciting MCs in the game. I also have a brah that lived in Shaker Heights and smoked weed with Cudi's old dealer who said that Cudi is a real chill dude. I fux wit chill dudes...no ****.
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