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natsrednu said:
Welhen wss this posted before you fuck *****

And because you used the term "fuck *****" I feel I need to educate you about it.

I promised Dave I'd never use the phrase "fuck *****"
He said "Think about what you sayin', fuck ******"
No better than Samuel on "Django"
No better than a white man with slave boats
Sound like I needed some soul searchin'
My pops gave me some game in real person
Retraced my steps on what they never taught me
Did my homework fast before government caught me
So I'm a dedicate this one verse to Oprah
On how the infamous, sensitive N-word control us
So many artists gave her an explanation to hold us
Well this is my explanation straight from Ethiopia
N-E-G-U-S definition: royalty
King royalty - wait listen
N-E-G-U-S description: black emperor
King, ruler, now let me finish
The history books overlooked the word and hide it
America tried to make it to a house divided
The homies don't recognize, we be using it wrong
So I'ma break it down and put my game in the song
N-E-G-U-S, say it with me
Or say no more; black stars can come and get me
Take it from Oprah Winfrey, tell her she right on time
Kendrick Lamar, by far, realest negus alive

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natsrednu said:
I bet he doesn't even know why he thinks she ruined hip hop
right. I mean obviously she hasn't actually ruined it, she's just really bad at what she does
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