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CyHi Da Prynce Royal Flush Discussion/Download link

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1) Ring bells

2) Never again

3) Sideways

4) A bunch of rounds

5) Fast lane

6) Hear me out

7) Can't find love

8) Record us

9) Switching positions

10) Living wonderful

11) Can't wait

12) Like a swinger

13) So original

14) Hero

15) Chance to explain

16)Top of the world Bound

17) So appalled

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my shits taking forever to download!!! is it dope?
I think its super dope CudderStan.
hahah i hope so.. when he first signed i gave him a shot didnt really like anything except for his popular demand freestyle, than so appalled nd then the cyphe, so hopefully its better than prynce of jacks
doutzen said:
I think its super dope CudderStan.
lookin forward to listenin to this
downloading now... really looking forward to this :woop:
Bunch of Rounds>>>>>>>>>
▲FlyMx said:
Bunch of Rounds>>>>>>>>>
this shit is fkn crazy. Cyhi goes so fkn hard on this tape. the beats are fantastic too
Bunch of rounds
Top of the world
Switching Positions
ring bells

are some of my fav tracks
great mixtape Cyhi def has talent
ring bellz was tight good intro
never again has a very wiz khalifa vibe to it imo
and thats how far im into it so far
cut from a different cloth didnt make it though :(
Hero is so dope and the beat is perfect
is there features on this its dope btw Cyhi is fuckin dopeeeeee as fuck.
is it CyHi Da Prynce or Prynce Cy Hi ?
1 - 20 of 105 Posts
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