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Curren$y signed with g.o.o.d music?

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or did someone just edit his wiki page again?
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TheLostBoy said:
Kanye did talk about Curren$y when he did the interview on Hot97. I wouldn't mind if Curren$y signs with GOOD Music.

b0tTheGod said:
how is it random if curren$y is roc?
currensy isn't roc. he's on creative control/dd172, dame's independent. they had a distribution with def jam just for pilot talk.
b0tTheGod said:
yea...blue roc...so are you saying dame isnt roc?
"Roc" isn't "Roc." Jay-Z, Dame and Biggs Roc-A-Fella is now just a piece of paper at Def Jam.

Blu Roc and Roc Nation aren't a continuation of it. The Roc we all know and love R.I.P. 1996 - 2006
ecabney said:
based off of Big Sean's See Me Now verse, I dont think Ye shoud've signed him to G.O.O.D. music
or he shoulda got dropped because of it
ecabney said:

Sean will never put out a classic, he'll never even put out an album, and Pusha's G.O.O.D. Friday verses >>>>>>>>> Sean's
1 - 4 of 72 Posts
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