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What is your least favorite song?

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Out of the songs up for vote, vote for your least favorite. I will be taking the top 4 songs from each of the cudi elimination games(AKNC-MOTM-MOTM2)+ I'm going to add Do It Alone cause that's a lot of peoples favorite song and its about the best off the demo tape. Polls well be up for 24 hrs and the last song standing wins.

Do It Alone
Day N Nite
Heaven At Nite
The Prayer
Man On The Moon (The Anthem)
Heart Of A Lion
Soundtrack 2 My Life
Pusuit Of Hapiness
CuDi Zone
Trapped In My Mind
Mojo So Dope

Order Of Elmination:
1. Day N Nite
2. Do It Alone
3. Heaven At Nite
4. Marijuana
5. Trapped In My Mind
6. Heart Of A Lion
7. Pursuit Of Hapiness
8. Man On The Moon (The Anthem)
9. Mojo So Dope
10. Soundtrack 2 My Life
11. CuDi Zone
12.The Prayer
*Remember your voting for your least favorite each time!*

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Wheres sky might fall and solo dolo? :cmon:
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