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Cudi is at MTV previewing his album. Jim Cantiello (@jambajim) an MTV Producer said this on his twitter:
My old buddy Kid Cudi's here! He's personally playing me his SIIIICK new album. I love this dude to death. #RealTalk

SUPER proud of Scott. The new Kid Cudi LP is all sorts of amazing. A dark, dazzling trip into his brain. It's a scary, moving adventure. <3
And the @MTVTJ had this to say:
"when I became famous, it shocked me how many people really got me." -kid cudi

"I'm just over rapping. I'm more passionate about singing, I'm teaching myself guitar" -kid cudi

"my daughter being born just gave me an invisible superman cape." -kid cudi ...awwww!

Lol! Cudi called Kanye "unfuckwitable"
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