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SMH. Sorry if I'm late, I can't see anything on this forum except for a million threads about the leak

Kid Cudi Waves Goodbye To His Rap Career, Starts Rock Band "I'm Just Over Rapping, I Don't Get Any Fulfillment Out Of It Anymore"

Kid Cudi just started a new rock band, and it's not a hobby or side gig.

The G.O.O.D Music artist says he's done with rapping. Instead of spitting a hot 16, Cudi will stick to singing and playing his guitar from now on.

"I'm just over rapping... I don't get any fulfillment out of it anymore," Cudi told MTV recently. "Like I don't get any fulfillment out of writing a 16 [bars]. That's why you never really hear me on Kanye joints like that, I'm not passionate about it. I'm more passionate when he be like 'yo Cudi come up with a hook or something.' Cuz he asks me to put verses down, but I'll try to like procrastinate or disappear."

The name of Cudi's new band is Wizard. He's putting it together with Dot Da Genius, the producer behind his hit song 'Day N Night.'

"I just get more fulfillment out of singing now. I'm teaching myself the guitar, that's like my newfound love," Cudi says. "I just never thought that I could play an instrument... picked it up, just surprised myself. It's been two and a half months I've been playing. I'm already starting my next project, it's a rock album. I'm doing a band with Dot called Wizard."
smh, Wizard.
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