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CRS or All City Chess Club?

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All City Chess Club..


Child Rebel Solider..

which one would you prefer..?
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Kanye > Asher Roth...B.o.B....Diggy...J. Cole...Wale...and whoever else.

CRS because each group has Lupe and Pharrel...and Id take Kanye by himself over all the other artist put together.
CRS all the way!!!!

1. I don't like asher at all, wale can be boring sometimes, charles is too unpredictable (sometimes he brings a crazy flow other times he brings a weird ass half sung out of tune flow)

2. kanye and pharrell are two of the best producers ever and they're both good rappers too, then add in lupe who imo is one of the greatest of all time then u truly have a supergroup!!!
Give me Lupe with Pharrel's  and Kanye's production! I don't really care for ACCC! I can't really handle all of the members of the group on a song together. Lupe, Blu, and J.Cole are enough!
Charles Hamilton left All City, and Pharell joined. So I'll take...................

BOTH!  :problem?:
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Give me a group with Ye and Pharrell producing, and Cole, Lu, and Blu spitting.
Even though I totally luuv kanye I hav to go with ACCCCC
there is a guy named Blu in ACCC, that is all...
MR EKO said:
All Child Rebel Club
How about G.O.O.D music vs ACCC. Makes more sense to me, but 12 songs vs. 1 LoL
oh i'm sorry, that is exactly where i got it from. is that your site...? i'll post the credit- I just randomly searched it in google and came across the best looking one. i had no intention on taking credit for it.
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