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Mind frame (x2)

Thought i was solid before my time came
I looked around, who was there to blame?
I had to wake up to face my own shame

Time frame (x2)

Life with no change is one lived in vain
To see my flaws, i had alot to gain
Knew after this, i could neva be tha same

(Verse 1)

Thought my exes cheated, i had twined pains
I’m paranoid, my head was playin mind games

Funny i cheated before, ignorance is bliss
Had affairs with married women, some had kids
Woke up from it all like how did it come to this?

David cheated with bathsheba, his mistress
Had her man, Uriah, killed in stiffness
Broke the code of honor, God was a witness
Didn’t know his son was next on the hitlist

Pride had me standin tall, treated cheaters like cancers
Things turned different when i broke my own standards

Price paid! (x2)
What i’d give to fix the damage vice made!

It’s amazin what women can do to you truly
I wonder if their men will get revenge n shoot me

Old me says it’s what i get for bein perverse
New me says pain is what i don’t deserve

(Chorus repeat)
Time frame (x2)

Will i stay stuck in the past, hung by a chain?
If i’m married, can i keep lightin the flame?
I just pray it won’t cause my heart strain

(Verse 2)

Mind frame! x2

I got backstabbed by my main mane!
He tried to date my ex when we were in pain!
Neva thought he would speak ill of my name!

Paranoia had me hangin by a thread!
Made me feel like my girl would end up dead!
Lost confidence with the voices in my head!

Pride had me thinkin women owed me debts
N if they didn’t, i’d think of them less!

I looked at my past for answers i was after!
On the key to relationships i had to master!
I was desperate, couldn’t keep livin selfish
Will i be a slave to this, forever helpless?

Hooked on women, feel like i’m on a drug!
Hard to find yourself if you grew up with no luv!

Near a mental breakdown, can’t tell what’s real or fake
Questionin loyalties, dunno how much i can take!
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