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Every two weeks we will feature an artist from the Creative Showcase section who have made big accomplishments or who have put out great music.

Creative Showcase Featured Artist:

Truman is a producer from Italy, where hip-hop may not be as good and developed as in the US, but the love for music is as alive and strong.

Sample of his work:

Social Networks:
Twitter - http://twitter.com/giacomo_ricci
Bandcamp - http://trumanbeats.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/ranzanfrani
Tumblr - http://the-truman-show.tumblr.com/


Q: What kind of music and artists did you listen to growing up?

My love for music didn't start with a particular artist, but the first genre I really liked was rock n roll (while now I mainly listen to indie rock). My love for hip-hop started with Kanye; he was an 'anchor' for me, while I was starting to approach to music. And with 'music' I mean any kind of music. So I don't like, besides Kanye, a particular artist. I just like good music. Lately, I really loved the works of Bon Iver and The Weeknd.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

Well, this latest beat-tape I made might make you think I'm a 'hip-hop head', who only listens to old-school hip-hop and doesn't want the genre to 'grow up'. I'm actually the opposite kind of person: this latest work was kinda like a 'tribute' to old-school, but now I'm switching my style into something new and, I hope, different. It involves electro music. But it's still in the making.

Q: How did you get into producing?

Like any other passion, it started as a joke, nothing serious. I was making 'easy' and 'swag' beats with my friends, and wanted to rap myself on them, when I realized I really liked making music. I eventually met a person who shares the same love for hip-hop as me, even though he's more of a 'hip-hop head', not soo open-minded. So the whole thing became more 'serious', but still a hobby -sigh- for me.

Q: How did you come up with your producer name?

I just needed something short, yet meaningful. I was inspired by the movie The Truman Show, where the main character finds out he is the only real person in 'his' world. This is the meaning, if there should be one, of my producer name.

Q: What advice would you give other people who want to start producing music?

Just do what you like. Music is not something you must do, so do it only if you feel it. If you don't feel it, don't do it. If others don't feel it, well, keep doing it, because they're not you. But don't impose your taste to others'.

Latest Project

Preach. - Instrumental Album



1. Double Trouble
2. The Morning, My Best Outfit
3. Cluedo
4. The System
5. For You I Gave Up Everything
6. A New Me (?)
7. So Tired
8. Preach.
9. Euphemism for a New Religion
10. My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
11. The Sea, My Fears
12. Piano Talk
13. The Winter, My Family
14. When the Show is Over​

"All tracks were produced by Truman.
Every track contains one or more samples."

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Love the Preach beat. Wrote something to it :ohno:

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