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Cool Mac Game

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well on any os tbh. i've played for years now. its free and really really fun.

this is a video my team player made, TheLove. enjoy.
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its a free game too. google sauerbraten. then D/L its about 500mb too.
yer, trust me when you get as into it as i, it gets better :D. some links you may like

ogors.org -  unofficial homepage of sauerbraten. if you go on gamesurge.net/chat and type /join #sauer-clans then you can speak to leaders of sauerbraten, im there too :D. you can also find out about tournaments and clans.
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yes, definitely. official website.
yer, more like quake. its really face paced. the best mode is Insta CTF, this is what most of the top servers will be running.
not really, runs on any platform. if you have a shitty comp, then you can drastically lower the settings and still get a good experience.
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