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Contest/KTT collab - Make a beat around these drums

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I found this little drum loop I made awhile ago and I love it but I could never make anything out of it so I want to collab with some producers.

Make a beat with these drums. You'll have the rights to it if you sell it or whatever

I'd suggest maybe slowing it down but hey, do whatever.

I'll vote on whose I think is the best.


Enter deadline: April 10th

Beat deadline: April 14th
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Scratch that - poll to see whose is the best
Nice... I'll give it a go tomorrow if I get a chance
Wauzh said:
Would be good to have a deadline tbh
Edited OP
I just made this with it... Its not great though :dno:

Ignore the bit at the end... Dont know why it messed up like that
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