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Consequence, GLC and common wouldn't have let mercy happen

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We would have got some quality stuff instead.

Like a similarly bragging song, but in the good way that jay does it, with dense verses and a different, incredible beat
I.E. Grammy Family

this mercy stuff .. i was waiting for lil b to come in and have a better verse than everyone

also smh and pusha still on his typical crack game
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nzyeezy said:
pusha >>>>
i really agree pusha is a great tier rapper but this verse and most he put out feel like they could have been a throw away from hell hath no fury or something

like his verse on the good cypher was a great example loved his lyrics and flow changes on that

his verse remains ok in my book
say all you want about relevancy and mass appeal, these guys help create truly quality music.

and its not all dusty, i mean consequence created that sick flow on paranoid, and that  was a great track
Jerry Rackhouse said:
And it wouldn't have gotten radio play, the GOOD Music album wouldn't sell and no one on the label would have gotten any shine
so you'd rather a shitty album that sels money over good quality?
your thinking would mean MBDTF would never exist
The Joker said:
lolo I imagine some of you dumb ****** want conscious rap in the club.

Bitches gettin tipsy to Talib yo.
nah just some good music not this tyga banger shit

you know shit like gold digger
Kenny West said:
ay *****, buy his old albums
already heard em all

doesn't need to be sounding like his old shit, just something GOOD
Stadium Status said:
I swear people on this site want Kanye to themselves hahahaha anytime he makes a mass appeal track or album (grad) people get all sentimental and upset

They wanna be the only ones to like Ye
mass appeal = shit?

kanye is like the most popular artist in the world don't want to be hipster or have him to myself just want him to continue making good music and not stoop so low to this awful trap stuff
1 - 7 of 54 Posts
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