Kanye to The banner

Common isn't on GOOD

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Then again isnt GOOD Music like the Boston Tea Party?
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he affiliates himself with GOOD though
Grover said:
So its safe to say that its just a clique of artist that Kanye get busy with?

its an official label signed to Def Jam

Common used to be on GOOD, but he left Def Jam for Warner Brothers, so he can't be officially signed to the label, but he still acts as if he should.

he's basically like that couple who been together for 30 years, but never actually got married. only thing missing is the papers
Grover said:
so they arent official

yes they are. i just said that

Big Sean

are all officially signed to the label.

Common is not, Mos Def is not and i don't think Cudi is either

but they fucked with GOOD before it became official last year, so they still run with the crew
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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