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- Trying to get the 'leader' of KanyeToThe.com on the show too, but they haven't yet responded.

T- he Combat Jack Show needs a team like KanyeToThe.com on our side. Your life also needs a team like KanyeToThe.com on your side.

- If theres any Wizards, Warlocks or Grand Masters from KanyeToThe listening 2 these tweets, let me know if u can stop by the Combat Jack Show

- A Combat Jack Show x KanyeToThe collabo sounds so diabolical. *Puts pinkie in mouth, let's out Dr. Evil laugh*

And here is the link for the Watch the Throne edition of his radio show last week, when Mike Dean, DDot and members of KTT called in and that show was just funny as hell.

This week he wants KTT to phone in once again, he will put up a link to his show tonight on his twitter and I will put link up in OP once he puts it up.
Link to his twitter :

This guy is really funny as hell and last weeks show and the KTT input made it one of the greatest nights I have experienced on KTT.

I think everyone on this site has mad love for combat jack after last weeks broadcast and then for his review in the source.

That shit was funny as hell.

Heres the link for his review in the source.

(shout out to Base Mason)
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