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Cole Is The Only Rapper That Can Shit On Classic Beats And Make Them Better Than The Originals

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For Example:

Way better than Devil In A New Dress :banderas:

Better than Jay's

Nice try, Common.

He doesn't discriminate by Gender, either.  FOH Badu you nappy hoe :jordanlaff:

True legend :banderas:

Shitty on ****** beats and making them better :banderas:
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Bradley said:
Wayne tho  :what:
He shit on Wayne on Green Ranger too :jordanlaff:
cowbook said:
OP came through with a strong argument

KTT will just make lame sleep jokes and hate on Cole for no reason though
You a real one :hhh:
05 said:
op named 3 songs :jordanlaff:

wayne has multiple mixtapes of this
4 and they were just off the top of my head :jordanlaff:
CrineUMad said:
J Cole is literally the worst rapper ever




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dmt said:
OP is my son
Diet Silky checking in :banderas:
dmt said:
Came to bless your thread fomly :rejoice:
Fuck my alt already the 2nd realest ***** ITT :rejoice:
dmt said:

why aren't you followin me tho  :damn:
On mobile :rejoice:

Soon :rejoice:
Max B said:
Facts only

Outtrash, u tried but Coles version was actually good :rejoice:

Same applies to a tribe called trash :rejoice:

King Jermaine :rejoice:
Fuck you real for this :banderas:
1 - 9 of 74 Posts
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