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3000 89

Cover by SgScott
Don't worry, Imaginary Friends Club and Pink Elephants are coming hella soon.
This is going to be fantastic,
Co Exec: CJ The Genesis
Mixed down by: CJ The Genesis
Presented by: BeyondOurDreams, ASF, and Americano.

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ill give u a dope beat :D
someone in klive did this once .......................bimp!
i made a really nice beat for ya...ur gonna like it...want a pm? cuz its so nice ill put it as a bonus track on my mixtape
tommorow..i messed up on one part and the sample got cut out..it was bill maher talkin bout his imaginary friend
Kevin Abstract said:
thats me man^
and yeah man, PM me the beat.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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