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Christmas in Harlem Is Horrible

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i was just skipping around songs on my Itunes and i come across some dusty ass song called "Christmas in Harlem" i play it and remember that it was a GOOD friday song.
short story long, i immediately stopped the song and deleted it off my hard drive. now my GF track list CD is incomplete cause of that horrible song.

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well this is absurd
Brings back so much memories of Christmas 2010 :allears:

Definitely gonna be my Christmas banger for the rest of my life :slick:
def brings memories, ill fux wit it every now n then
Christmas in Harlem is too jolly to hate on. especially in august. :work:
Dr. Osey said:
dipset-less version >>>>>>
I want a Christmas in Chicago

Haven't given it a full listen yet.

Shit is still boring.

EddieHaskell said:
Not as bad as Lord, Lord, Lord.
or the Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy Remix by Big Sean
Shayjr said:
or the Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy Remix by Big Sean
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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