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Once again we continue our conversation
what pours from black sky’s created my world
speaking to me you are so begins this participation
feared I am when my inner emotions are for your exploitation
becoming your puppet my conscience held in your palms
causing this self-deprecating
consuming the royalties crown
walking across the glaciers
delusional I be, my logic differs
unable to handle this mass consumption
as my thoughts bleed which I breath or drown
self-acceptation was never made in my surroundings
to believe it was a gift from God as one of my blessings
questioning why does my heart ache so
His Son I reach for guidance who I dearly follow
where he abandons me, struggling against the sandstorms
conflicting with demons for my spirituality to transform
perishing the meanings of my inner soul
everything that allowed me to stand brave and tall
those who processes great powers torment me
captivating the one from love, affecting me deeply
pondering the lessons to be learned from what direction
seize the day as life ends near when comes the Suns rising
knowing that I am mortal why do I remain in memories
please demolish me from life, no longer to walk on these journeys
I surrender completely to one who makes me shine eternally
please once again, praise upon to thee to make me shine eternally
allow me to step out of this shadow.​
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