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chicago ?

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I live in Atlanta, and when a car passes by me I most of the time I hear T.I, or Chyi, or Flocka, so in the Chi am I going to see a lot of ye, like in NY you see Ads and stuff that has a lot to do with Jay . I am asking because I hope to move there after College and Ye is my favorite artist . :dno: :dno:
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WTF I thought they would play good music like Lupe, and Ye, Cole ...
Liljaco1 said:
nope...man we play the gayyyest music over here...b96 plays allll fucking dance music if i hear jason derulo one more time or taito cruz ill kill myself...kiss fm is the same way...power 92 plays okay shit...too much south shit...i hear gucci and wocka on there...gci plays a variety...ive heard monster on there a bunch of times...homecoming ive heard on the radio, stronger, gold digger, year round...love lockdown and heartless were big...NO LUPE, NO COMMON its mostly commercial shit...very very very disappointing radio here...
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