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Idk if this been posted before but ive never seen it here, but I came across an interview with Che where he talks about the making of Mercy and Clique back in June this year

G.O.O.D. Music, “Mercy” (Cruel Summer, 2012)

That was the first record Kanye [West] and I worked on together. I met this producer in Arizona named Lifted, young guy. At that point, I don’t think that he even had any credits under his belt, just local production, various things, he was also in a band. I met him, I saw some potential in him and we stayed in touch. Then after a while, maybe six months of knowing him, he played me this one track and it really just resonated with me, so I said, “I don’t know what I want to do with it, I don’t have any ideas, just let me hold on to it and keep it with me.”
When me and Kanye started working together, he had this concept of an album, which was Cruel Summer, which took on many evolutions. At one point it was almost going to be just an instrumental album. It was going to be the score to this film idea that he had. Then it took on one shape to another shape and this and that. I said, “Hey, I’ve got this one track and I have an idea for it that we could do something with.”
He liked it, but he didn’t like it necessarily for himself, he liked it is as the Cruel record and so on and so forth. I think the record got so hot that it came out so good, then he was like, “Okay, I need to get on this record.” It was really necessary for him to be a part of it for it to be what it became. That was the first record we got. That’s a perfect segue into how we work as a team in collaboration, because there was a number of elements that came to it. It was the Lifted track that started with it, but it was Twilite Tone who put the reggae sample in it. It was all these elements that came together.

G.O.O.D. Music, “Clique” (Cruel Summer, 2012)

“Clique” is a tricky one. We originally recorded the hook in the Lanesborough Hotel in London. What happened was, it was a track that Hit-Boy did originally and he sold that track. It almost got left on the cutting room floor, but I was a real advocate for the hook of that chorus, because I really felt like it spoke to the concept of what we were working on. Myself and Noah Goldstein, Kanye’s head engineer, we really just kept grinding away the song. We had Hit-Boy did a couple of different versions, we had other people do versions of it.
Finally, Hit-Boy had come across a piece of it that Kanye liked. Since he did the original beat we just thought it made sense for him to redo it. Kanye wasn’t really liking any of the beat he was coming with. We found some drums that Kanye liked. So we just took everything off of it, formed the drums and then we built the track from there.
There’s a couple of amazing opera singers that came in singing on there. There were a number of different rappers on it and this and that. Then I was trying to get Jay Z on the album, so I had to go meet with Jay and I played him the songs and it came down to two songs and then the line up for the album is basically what Jay wanted the line up of the album to be of the song. Then that became “Clique.”
Shout out to the other rappers who rapped on that song for me. They actually came with some really amazing verses that I think we’re going to do some sort of mysterious leak at some point. I want to leak some of those verses.

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