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One of the verses leaked btw (off disorderly disruption):

It's Young Tune, the young king, the young goon
Young Money, Cash Money, we some young *****
...short for tycoons, bring the storms n typhoons
straight to ya fugkin radio n iTunes

We the fastest cars ******, watch how we vrooooom
Drizzy is the black rose, watch how he bloom
Nicki is the queen, nah she dont need no groom
Gudda Gudda real good witta mop n those brooms

Tyga makes sure my wheels sparkle like a muhhhh
The rest uh my ******* cry, sweat, n shed bluuhhd
Soo woop ******, we the ******* in the cluhhhb
Carter Carter Carter, ******, guess what I duz?

******* say ya cant buy talent or buy love
****** I did both...ahma muhhfugkin stud
Y'all big? I'm colloshish
Straight from the swamp bwoy, look at these galoshes

Good gosh it's the muhhfugkin bawse wit me
Weezy F. n the F is for FILOSSuphee
Drizzy hang wit a ***** like apostropheees
We the shit ******...call us the colostomies....


Young Monay!
1 - 20 of 66 Posts
Not open for further replies.