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Hey, Joe Budden
You're a motherfucking joke
I'm hip hop, rawest rapper alive

[Verse 1]
T-shirts and Buddens, this a fucking warning shot
Rap ****** wanna talk, I leave with your jaw dropped
Lil B for lil' boss, big talk, get your head cracked
I'm from the hood, ****** terrorist with no head wraps
Westside gangsta connected to the mob
Connected to the Roc like I'm J Cole
Shoot like I'm Steve Nash, 4-5 tuck with my weed stash
You fucking with a robbing ex killa, get your knees cracked
Internet got you thinking that you is a God
Real hip-hop over here, blood and tears over here
No bitch over here, bad bitches over here
No pussy over there, pump it up you're a queer
Tryna diss me when you got a fucking full beard
Sit down old man your back about to blow out
My rap like a gold mine, study in my dope rhymes
Rawest rapper in the game, it's like I'm sniffing coke lines
Losing all your hair Joe, think you need rogaine
Joe Budden Joe booty, what the fuck is yo name
Shut the fuck up with those depressing ass songs
It's the summer time, get some fucking pussy and go home
Pump it up, pump it up? Man, I'm finna fuck your bitch, Joey
Bitch, I'm Based God, I should write you a fucking hit Joey
Leave your fucking head ho, need a clip got me a rubber glip
Lil B for Lil Boss, I'm still screaming "Fuck A Bitch"
I'm 20 and you 45, you look like you're 55
Spit like I'm 65, eating pussy's 69
You're a nasty old man probably getting butt fucked
You run around Karate Kid, where's your fucking nun chucks?
Maybe you don't have none because you in the hood still
Probably selling X pills, probably eating asshole
Recording all your bitches you a motherfucking pervert
Joe Budden T.V, Joe Bitch T.V
See me in 3D I'm young but I'm ready jack
I dare you to comeback I won because I am rap
Rap like Saran wrap your model bitch saved you
Put him on the internet because don't nobody play you
Performing at cafes, you still underground
How you go mainstream and run back underground?
Joe Budden you're a clown please just forgive me
Should of followed fans and now your ass is gonna be history
Make you an example, feed your ass samples
You're my own son that ain't never made it rapping
I tried to give you chances, you didn't take my hand out
And now you looking stupid as you did when you came out
You ain't got no swag and you ain't got no cash
Joe Budden, you just ass hahaha
Ahaha, ***** T-Shirt & Buddens
Ay, Joe Budden shut the fuck up

[Verse 2]
I have too much swag Joe don't bring your girl around
This is about you Joe the bay you don't come around
The world on my back now, bitch I run the internet
Ba-rang-dang-dang, I'm very smart very intricate
I can tell you jealous of Lil B, I'm lil boss
You mad I'm a pretty bitch, you mad you a gay bitch
You don't have no fucking niche, surprised you still got fans
Act like a grown man, Lil B so don't cry
Joe Budden don't cry because you a little *** boy
Go make a mixtape and mope over every song
Keep recording girlfriends bet you still jack off
With your butt-cheeks out listening to mood music
Screaming, "Lil B why the fuck you gotta ether me"
I could of been your friend now your career is history
Joe Budden man you can suck my fucking dick
And tell the whole world
You got murdered by a pretty bitch
Lil B

Aye T-Shirts & Buddens
Rawest rapper alive
Lil B for Lil Boss
West coast BasedGod


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This is actually real hip-hop. Edgy young ktt music sxn kids gonna say this don't go hard but really it goes right up there with best diss tracks like Back to Back and No Vaseline though :whew:.

Lil B won 6 years ago but this goes hard even today that's how you know it's timeless :yejoice:.

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Earth Angel said:
This is actually real hip-hop. Edgy young ktt music sxn kids gonna say this don't goes hard but really it goes right up there with best diss tracks like Back to Back and No Vaseline though :whew:.

Lil B won 6 years ago :yejoice:.
that edit :jordanlaff:

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itiswhatitism said:
Hard to keep it real when everybody keep it phony
I'mma keep it Sosa while these ****** keep it Tony
You gotta watch the picture that you painting with your verses
We go in ******' mouths, I don't know bout bitches' purses
And what's up with this, "I'm just sayin'" shit?
Fuck asked you? You shouldn't be saying shit

" Yeah, death comes in threes like menage a trois"

[Fab disses 3 ppl in this song... Drake, Plaxico, & Ray J.]



I don't know bout bitches' purses

"And her purse right there, I don't trust these hoes at all"
-Drake, "Lord Knows"


"I'm just sayin'" shit?

"I'm just saying you could do better"

-Drake, "Marvin's Room"

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"ur the true legend and for me coming out at u for no reason was a ho move reguardless if it was for the rap and fun...it aint no regrets its just a learning experience from everything you do. so @mousebudden stay 100 respect...so everyone just learn with me and hopefully yall can learn frm my triumphs and my mistakes and sometimes moving b4 thinking...I am a hater and I'm fina make sure I don't hate on no1 doing they thang and getting it again.U a legend...yall learn from me being insicure and thinking people don't respect my lyrical abilty me turned me to a hater on sum1 who's dope...all I want is to be seen for what I no I am deep down and that is a legend. but I see I must work hard and wait for my time. cuz doing shit to get more famous is some bitch ass ***** shit and I did some desprete ***** shit like a *****. not a man like I am...so I'm really fina take a shower and wash this hater shit off me and get back to the grind and not on no fake ***** shit."
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